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Figure 3

From: Intestinal Epithelial Serum Amyloid A Modulates Bacterial Growth In Vitro and Pro-Inflammatory Responses in Mouse Experimental Colitis

Figure 3

SAA expression in mouse colon and ileum and in response to LPS. RNA was isolated from the colon and ileum of germfree or conventionally raised mice, and cDNA was amplified with oligonucleotides recognizing a common region of SAA1/2 (A). In conventional mice, SAA1/2 was detected in colon and ileum, whereas in germfree mice, SAA1/2 was only detectable in the colon. In (B), CMT93 cells were incubated with the indicated amounts of LPS for 16 h, and SAA1/2 and SAA3 expression were determined with realtime PCR. Whereas SAA1/2 message remained rather constant, SAA3 expression markedly increased with increased LPS exposure. Each group contained data on 4 wells. Shown are average ± S.E.M. The asterisk indicates statistically significant differences (P < 0.05) compared with un-induced cells (ANOVA).

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