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Figure 3

From: Mycoplasma hyorhinisinfection in gastric carcinoma and its effects on the malignant phenotypes of gastric cancer cells

Figure 3

Mycoplasma hyorhinis promotes migration and invasion. 2 × 104-1 × 105 cells were cultured in the top chamber of Transwell for 24-36 hours. After removing the cells on the top with a cotton swab, the cells attached on the bottom side of the membrane were fixed by methanol, stained with 5% crystal violet. The number of cells was counted. The graphs were the composite results from three independent experiments. A. Migration of uninfected cells (-) or infected cells (+). B. Invasion of uninfected cells (-) or infected cells (+). The number of migration cells and invasion cells of infected group were higher than those of uninfected group (P < 0.05).

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