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Table 2 Associations of GHRL polymorphisms with colorectal cancer risk in the German cases and controls.

From: Polymorphisms of genes coding for ghrelin and its receptor in relation to colorectal cancer risk: a two-step gene-wide case-control study

  Casesa Controlsa OR(95%)b P value P trend
rs27647 GHRL      
C/C 213 259 1   
C/T 278 360 0.93(0.73-1.19) 0.60  
T/T 78 107 0.83(0.62-1.24) 0.49 0.54
rs35683 GHRL      
A/A 172 220 1   
A/C 277 356 0.99(0.77-1.28) 0.97  
C/C 120 150 0.99(0.72-1.35) 0.95 0.99
  1. a Numbers may not add up to 100% of subjects due to genotyping failure. All samples that did not give a reliable result in the first round of genotyping were resubmitted to up to two additional rounds of genotyping. Data points that were still not filled after this procedure were left blank.
  2. b OR: odds ratio; CI: confidence interval. Adjusted for age and gender. Results in bold are statistically significant (p < 0.05)