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Figure 1

From: Ileal mucosal bile acid absorption is increased in Cftr knockout mice

Figure 1

Sodium-Dependent Taurocholate Uptake Rates by Ileal Segments from Wild-Type, Heterozygous and Cystic Fibrosis Mice. An increase in active taurocholate uptake was observed in all examined sections of the terminal ileum of knock-out mice. Uptakes rates approximately doubled in heterozygous knock-out mice (CFTR +/-; n = 23) and quadrupled in homozygous mutants (CFTR -/-; n = 6) compared to wild-type controls (WT; n = 6). Differences were statistically significant in the 2 cm and 3 cm groups (# = significant difference when comparing this group to the wild-type group at p < 0.05; ** = significant difference when comparing this group to the heterozygous group at p < 0.05). The axial distribution curves of taurocholate uptake were similar and had peaks at 3–4 cm before the ileocecal valve in all three groups.

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